jupyter support php

As we know, jupyter support python originally. It can also support other language like php.U need to install specific kenerl.


  • php7
  • zeromq
  • php-zmq
  • jupyter
  • composer

just run brew install zeromq to install zeromq on mac

php7.0 don’t support php-zmq,must upgrade to php7.1,then brew install php71-zmq

install jupyter-PHP

download here https://litipk.github.io/Jupyter-PHP-Installer/


while installing, if you see error below:

You are running PHP-CLI with xdebug enabled. This will have a major impact on the kernel’s performance.

it means that you have’t install zeromq

any question, contact me by email

  1. 1. envirenement
  2. 2. install jupyter-PHP
  3. 3. notice